#2 A stroll in the neighbourhood

#2 A stroll in the neighbourhood

Sometimes I take a walk. Not because I like it much. A long the walk I brought the Leica M2 which was fitted with the Voigtländer 35/1.4 II and loaded with Ilford HP5+. The film was developed in HC110, 1:63, 11mins. I didn’t expect many photo opportunities a long the path which was a head of me, although I had scouted one location. The scouted location didn’t render any keepers, but I did snap a few frames of other locations which I found interesting.

I’ve been using HC110 with dilution 1:31 previously but recently I’ve tried 1:63. Don’t now if it makes any difference but I “feel” I get better tones out of the film by doing so. More tests needed when my energy levels are up for it. Which they seldom are.

These photographs are far away from scenic landscapes and would probobly render 0 likes on any social media platform if you have that kind of fetish. Personally I quit social media a few years back so it doesn’t matter much – I like them for their “non-obtrusive” ways.

The first frames are from a morning walk and the last image is from a evening walk. I do like the lighting of the morning photos better – it doesn’t try to much.


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