#1 Something old

#1 Something old

I loaded up my Canon EOS 1N with some Ilford Delta 400. My game plan was to photograph old / fallen houses and barns on the country side. Not a original idea but atleast I had something specific to look for.

My main developer for Delta 400 has been Ilford DDX, but the bottle was getting a bit old in the tooth so I didn’t dare to use it. The developer of choice for the roll was Kodak HC110 (diluton b / 1:31). I had previously tried developing Delta 400 with Rodinal – looked awful.

HC110 did a way better job than Rodinal, but I think DDX still has the edge when it comes to DDX. I have one more roll of Delta 400 left… after I’ve shot it I will most likely not buy anymore of it. Sticking to HP5+ for ISO400.


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