• #2 A stroll in the neighbourhood

    #2 A stroll in the neighbourhood

    Sometimes I take a walk. Not because I like it much. A long the walk I brought the Leica M2 which was fitted with the Voigtländer 35/1.4 II and loaded with Ilford HP5+. The film was developed in HC110, 1:63, 11mins. I didn’t expect many photo opportunities a long the path which was a head […]

  • #1 Something old

    #1 Something old

    I loaded up my Canon EOS 1N with some Ilford Delta 400. My game plan was to photograph old / fallen houses and barns on the country side. Not a original idea but atleast I had something specific to look for. My main developer for Delta 400 has been Ilford DDX, but the bottle was […]